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Chivaree owner Margaret Browne is now serving as Exhibitions Curator at The Bascom Center for the Visual Arts, Highlands, NC

Chivaree is officially closed, but former owner Margaret Browne is The Bascom's new full-time Exhibitions Curator. Browne's first show at The Bascom is

Appropration Art: Finding Meaning in Found-Image Collage.  The exhibition is on view through May 31 in The Bascom's Loft Gallery.
CLE lecture this week by Margaret Browne: Appropriation Art: Finding Meaning in Found-Image Collage 
Thursday, May 28, 4-5 pm in the CLE lecture hall ($10)

Since Picasso, Arp and Miró began experimenting with collage in the early 20th century, western artists have been creating picture surfaces that depart radically from the artistic standard established during the Renaissance: illusionistic, seamless portrayals of reality. But the collages shown in the Bascom’s Spring 2015 exhibition “Appropriation Art: Finding Meaning in Found-Image Collage” represent a break not just from Old Master ideals from those of Modernism itself. This slideshow lecture will address the question: How did we get from Picasso to Post-Modernism? The talk will trace the contributions of several 20th century artists and artistic movements to the evolution of collage, including Dada, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, Pop Art, Pattern + Decoration, and explicitly “Post-Modern” artists like David Salle and Richard Prince. We will gain a greater understanding of Post-modernist art by contrasting its characteristics and goals with those of Modernist art, illustrating concepts with examples of artworks at all points on the Modern-to-Postmodern spectrum.

Presenter bio: Margaret Browne is the new Exhibitions Curator at the Bascom and is the curator of the current exhibition "Appropriation Art: Finding Meaning in Found-Image Collage," on view in the Bascom's Loft Gallery through May 31. From May 2012 to February 2015, she was the owner of the Cashiers art gallery Chivaree Southern Art & Design. She has contributed to the publications Raw Vision, Conveyor Arts and Folk Art Messenger. She holds dual Master degrees in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning from Princeton University and a Certificate in Fine and Decorative Arts Appraisal from the Pratt Institute (New York), and she has served as a Graduate Instructor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at UNC- Chapel Hill.

Registration is available online or by calling 828-526-8811.Click here to go to CLE's online registration site


"Appropriation Art: Finding Meaning in Found-Image Collage" opening reception and artists' panel discussion at The Bascom, Saturday 4/18, at 5 pm.
April 12, 2015
Exhibition of contemporary collage-based art, curated by former Chivaree owner Margaret Browne, is on view at The Bascom through May 31; reception and panel discussion on Saturday 4/18 is free and open to the public.
The Bascom Center for the Visual Arts hires Chivaree owner Margaret Browne as Exhibitions Curator
March 1, 2015
Margaret Browne, who managed and owned Chivaree Gallery in Cashiers, NC, from Spring 2012 through January 2015, is now working full-time at The Bascom in the position of Exhibitions Curator.


Chivaree is now closed. Please visit The Bascom Center for the Visual Arts in Highlands, NC, where former Chivaree owner Margaret Browne now serves as Exhibitions Curator.
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